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Using a UAV brings a whole new level to what is possible when capturing data and imagery. This opens up a wide range of mapping & monitoring possibilities. One of the most popular products we have found is through the use of generated DEM's (Digital Elevation Models), from which many applications can benefit. 3D visualisations are just another aspect of elevation modelling that is becoming increasingly popular for marketing new and planned developments.  The data captured by using a UAV mounted camera can produce 3D models and maps that make a really engaging tool for communicating information about the shape of the landscape for an area of interest.



Elevation modelling has a wide range of potential uses across the planning, quarry, landfill, construction and various other industries. From creating orthorectified photomaps to act as a base map for planning documents, to visualising proposed developments on a 3D ‘photorealistic’ model of the terrain, to capturing elevation photography and imagery to monitor construction progress – the list of possibilities can be only limited by your imagination.



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analysis & visualisation

Our virtual surveyor desktop software easily links UAV data with traditional geo- detic surveying. It can handle the large volumes of data that come with UAV orthophotos and elevation models by bringing them together in a virtual environment:

•  Fast visualization

•  Draw break lines and reference points in a 3D environment

•  Perform volume analysis

•  Real time calculation of elevation contour lines, slopes and slope directions
•  Direct export to CAD

Virtual measurement
We scan the terrain the client wishes to measure and search for lines and specific points that allow 
the topography to be described. These lines and points are carefully chosen to ensure the exact landscape contour is correct. With our virtual surveyor desktop software we can execute this process in a virtual environment, thus, we can use our surveyor's  expertise  and  choose the points and lines that describe the topography best.



Volume analysis
Our virtual surveyor desktop allows us to use all points in a UAV elevation model and to perform volume calculations. Starting by delineating the area of which the volume is to be reckoned, the software performs a fast and accurate calculation.

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